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Poetic Humor

Beers, Henry A.
Biftek aux Champignons
Fly-leaves From Arnold's Latin Prose Composition
Sixpence For a Kiss
What's in a Kiss
Bierce, Ambrose
The Day of Wrath / Dies Iræ
The Statesmen
Calverley, Charles Stuart:
Lines on Hearing the Organ
Precious Stones
Carroll, Lewis:
Father William
How Doth the Little Crocodile
Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur
   The Walrus and the Carpenter
The White Knight's Song
Carryl, Guy Wetmore:
The Embarrassing Episode of Little Miss Muffet
How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted
How Jack Made the Giants Uncommonly Sore
The Sycophantic Fox and the Gullible Raven
Collins, Billy:
Taking off Emily Dickinson's Clothes
Cowper, William:
To the Immortal Memory of the Halibut, on Which
          I Dined this Day, Monday April 26, 1784
Douglas, Norman:
(There was a Young Lady of . . .)
Gray, Thomas:
On the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned
        in a Tub of Gold Fishes
Guiterman, Arthur:
First Dentistry was Painless
For All who Mourn
Ode to the Amoeba
On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness
What One Approves, Another Scorns
Holmes, Oliver Wendell:
The Deacon's Masterpiece
The Height of the Ridiculous
The Last Leaf
Parody on "A Psalm of Life"
Isherwood, Christopher:
The Common Cormorant   
Joseph, Jenny:
Levy, Newman:
Marquis, Don:
aesop revised by archy
archy interviews a pharaoh
pete the parrot and shakespeare
song of mehitabel
Maxwell, Glyn:
Deep Sorriness Atonement Song
McGinley, Phyllis:
A Ballad of Anthologists
McGough, Roger:
The Nearest Forty-two
Morgan, Edwin:
The Loch Ness Monster's Song
The Subway Piranhas
Nash, Ogden:
Bankers are Just Like Anybody
     Else, Except Richer
The Hippopotamus
I Do, I Will, I Have
Peekaboo, I Almost See You
To a Small Boy Standing On My
    Shoes While I am Wearing Them
  Portrait of the Artist as a
      Prematurely Old Man
So That's Who I Remind Me Of
Parker, Dorothy:
One Perfect Rose
Unfortunate Coincidence
Prelutsky, Jack:
Bleezer's Ice Cream   
Rooten, Luis d'Antin van:
Mots d'Heures, Gousses, Rames   
Saxe, John Gordon:
The Blind Men and the Elephant   
Stephens, James:
Righteous Anger   
Synge, John M.:
The Curse   
Watson, William:
Lines to our New Censor