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The Back Page
(Even More Fine Poems)

It's the back page, with less glitz but with some darned good poems.
It relates to the front page like the back porch to the front porch.
Some of my greatest thrills have been on the back porch!

Allen, Paula Gunn:Hoop Dance
Basler, Roy:Exodus
Belin, Esther:Spirit in Me
Chasin, Helen:Joy Sonnet in a Random Universe
Chudleigh, Mary, Lady:To the Ladies
Cohen, Leonard:Gift
Finley, John Huston:The Road to Dieppe
Francisco, Nia:Navajo Inn
  Onion and Fried Potatoes
Hodgson, Ralph:The Mystery
Hogan, Greta:The Indian Problem
Isherwood, Christopher:The Common Cormorant
Levy, Newman:Bluebeard
MacKaye, Percy:Christmas: 1915
Margetson, George:Every Man has got a Hobby
McCutcheon, John:Christmas in the Trenches
Milligan, Spike:Feelings
Montague, John:A Grafted Tongue
Nichols, Grace:The Body Reclining
Prelutsky, Jack:Bleezer's Ice Cream
Ramanujan, A.K.:A River
Rooten, Luis d'Antin van:Mots d'Heures: Gousses, Rames
Santayana, George:On a Volume of Scholastic
Saxe, John G.:The Blind Men and the Elephant
Synge, John M.:The Curse
Tessimond, A.S.J.:Cats
Truth, Sojourner:Ain't I a Woman?
Tso, Agnes:Male rain, Female rain, Awakening

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