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Female Poets

Allen, Paula Gunn:Hoop Dance
Angelou, Maya:I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
On the Pulse of Morning
    (The Rock Cries Out to Us)
Still I Rise
Touched By an Angel
Atwood, Margaret:Bored
In the Secular Night
Night Poem
The Rest
Variations on the Word "Sleep"
Barbauld, Anna L.:The Caterpillar
An Inventory of the Furniture
     in Dr.Priestley's Study
Belin, Esther:Spirit in Me
Bishop, Elizabeth:At the Fishhouses
The Bight
In the Waiting Room
Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore
Boland, Eavan:Mise Éire
The Oral Tradition
Brooks, Gwendolyn :The Ballad of Rudolph Reed
Corners on the Curving Sky
The Sonnet  –  Ballad
A Sunset Of The City
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett:The First Time
How Do I Love Thee
If Thou Must Love Me
A Musical Instrument
Chasin, Helen:    – –Joy Sonnet in a Random Universe
Chudleigh, Mary, Lady:    – –To the Ladies
Clampitt, Amy:Beach Glass
Stacking the Straw
The Sun Underfoot Among the Sundews
Clifton, Lucille:Admonitions
Good Times
Seeker of Visions
There is a Girl Inside
the thirty eighth year
deSouza, Eunice:Marriages are Made
Meeting Poets
Dickinson, Emily:After great pain, a formal feeling comes
As imperceptibly as Grief
Because I could not stop for Death
A Bird came down the Walk
A Cemetery
The First Day's Night Had Come
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
If You Were Coming in the Fall
I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed
It was not Death, for I stood up
Much Madness is Divinest Sense
The Soul has Bandaged moments
The Soul Selects Her Own Society
There Came a Wind like a Bugle
There's a certain slant of Light
Doolittle, Hilda ("H.D."):Helen
Sheltered Garden
Dove, Rita:The Bistro Styx
Golden Oldie
My Mother Enters the Work Force
Sunday Greens
Uncle Millet
Endrezze, Anita:Song-Maker
This is a Poem About Indians
We Came This Way
Fauset, Jessie Redmon:La Vie C'est la Vie
Noblesse Oblige
Francisco, Nia:Navajo Inn
Onion and Fried Potatoes
"H.D"    – –(See "Doolittle, Hilda")
Hirshfield, Jane:The Poet
A Story
Iglesias, Holly:Conceptual Art
The Meek in Death Shall Bleed
Swan Boat Gondolier
Thursday Afternoon: Life is Sweet
Johnson, Emily Pauline:Shadow River
When George Was King
Johnson, Georgia Douglas:Autumn
Black Woman
Love Come and Gone
Old Black Men
Joseph, Jenny:Warning
Lazard, Naomi:Ordinance On Arrival
Lazarus, Emma:The New Colossus
Levertov, Denise:Contraband
In Mind
Lowell, Amy:The Allies
A Blockhead
The Dinner Party
La Ronde du Diable
Madgett, Naomi Long:Alabama Centennial
McGinley, Phyllis:A Ballad of Anthologists
The Conquerors
Daniel at Breakfast
Reactionary Essay on Applied Science
Merriam, Eve:How To Eat a Poem
Reply to the Question:
  "How Can You Become a Poet?"
Millay, Edna St.Vincent:Ashes of Life
The Buck in the Snow
Dirge Without Music
God's World
I Shall Forget You
I Will Put Chaos Into Fourteen Lines
Love is not All: It is not Meat nor Drink
On Hearing a Symphony of Beethoven
The Penitent
To Jesus On His Birthday
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
Moore, Marianne:Poetry
Spenser's Ireland
Nichols, Grace:The Body Reclining
Ostriker, Alicia:Everywoman Her Own Theology
Page, P.K.:After Rain
On Educating the Natives
Parker, Dorothy:A Certain Lady
Epitaph for a Darling Lady
One Perfect Rose
Song of Perfect Propriety
Unfortunate Coincidence
Plath, Sylvia:Child
The Colossus
I am Vertical
Lady Lazarus
Love Letter
The Moon and the Yew Tree
Soliloquy of the Solipsist
Winter Landscape, With Rocks
Pugh, Sheenagh:The Beautiful Lie
The Movement of Bodies
Roberts, Lynette:Green Madrigal [I]
He alone could get me out of this
Love is an Outlaw
Low Tide
Poem from Llanybri
The Shadow Remains
The Temple Road
Robinson, Mary:The Camp
January 1795
London's Summer Morning
Tapahonso, Luci:Hard to Take
Teasdale, Sara:Central Park at Dusk
The Old Maid
Spring in War-Time
Tekahionwake:    – – See: E.Pauline Johnson
Trethewey, Natasha:Flounder
Storyville Diary
Truth, Sojourner:Ain't I a Woman?
Tso, Agnes:    – – Male rain, Female rain, Awakening
Walker, Alice:Burial
Expect Nothing
I Said to Poetry
The Old Men Used to Sing
We Alone Can Devalue Gold
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler:Advice
Momus, God of Laughter
The Optimist
The Tavern of Last Times
To Marry or not to Marry?
Wylie, Elinor:Atavism
The Eagle and the Mole
Velvet Shoes
Wild Peaches
Zepeda, Ofelia:Rain
We are Papago